Act of Rage

Mean machine Act of Rage has been dominating the scene non-stop since 2014. This natural-born entertainer is not only known for his undeniable skill and charisma on-stage, but his ever-growing discography of blazing party beats endlessly create a supreme atmosphere on the dancefloor. Act of Rage’s tunes are wrapped up into energetic and enjoyable DJ sets that give partygoers the ultimate experience: from singalong vocals, to raging drops and quick mixes, you can always count on this Alpha Rebel to take you away to ‘La La Land’.

The two artist albums ‘Sabotage’ and ‘Outrageous’ catapulted Act of Rage to extraordinary heights. Not only that, but single releases such as ‘Magnetism’, ‘Entourage’, ‘REJECTOFRAGE’, ‘The Next Level’, ‘Road Rage’, ‘Till Sunrise’, ‘Let The Games Begin’, and ‘Homicide’ are an example of his high-amped party sound that keeps listeners coming back for more.

Internationally, Act of Rage has taken the world by storm and has performed on every corner of the globe in countries like Australia, Canada, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Spain, Croatia, Austria, United Kingdom and Czech Republic. He’s also flaunted his flawless productions on colossal mainstages like Qlimax, Supremacy, Defqon.1, Shockerz, Reverze, Intents Festival, Dominator, QAPITAL, and of course Decibel Outdoor, where he showcased his 2023 anthem ‘Raging City’.

Reinforced with a fresh arsenal of upcoming productions and his new live-act ‘Entourage’ raging reckless on mainstages, this force of talent is determined to continue keep on this path.

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