Leading the Uptempo scene forward with pristine and innovative productions, Barber is definitely one of the most outstanding artists within this niche. Since his first official release in 2017, Jordi Blok (aka Barber) has put in countless studio hours which resulted in him moving rapidly up the ranks. His discography has blossomed into well-known Uptempo bangers such as “Bonfire”, “Billionaire”, “Disco Bitch” and “Like A Boss” with Unproven and many others.

Barber’s precise approach to music and perfectionism has allowed him to build thematic and robust tracks that stand out in the crowd! Not only this, but his mind-set and motivation led to the beginning of his own popular record label Barbaric Records.

Barber is brought together as a full-package artist with his high energy DJ sets; booked on line-ups for legendary events like Thunderdome, Defqon.1, Dominator, Decibel Outdoor, Harmony of Hardcore, Snakepit and many others. With enthusiasm, Barber always looks forward to sharing his music with all crowds!

Solid music, a humble act and back to back bangers is what Barber stands for!

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