Pumping out reckless dancefloor bangers and giving crowds the ultimate energy boost, hardcore daredevil Cryogenic is one of the most unique artists of today. His dynamic sets keep crowds on the edge of their toes for the entire time with massive drops, edits, bootlegs, new tracks and a huge atmosphere. Every Cryogenic set is unique, exciting and a true experience.

Blistering kicks, madness at all tempos and savage sounds are his specialty, with huge hits like “Basskick Paradise”, “Motherf#cker”, “Middle Fingers Up”, “The Best” and “Ola”, “Bass Slut” making a huge impact in the scene. Insane amounts of energy and drive are always present in Cryogenic’s music and DJ sets.

Cryogenic’s career has been moving in one direction: UP. Cryogenic can be found on line-ups for top-class events such as Thunderdome, Defqon.1, Harmony of Hardcore, Dominator, Intents Festival, Free Festival and Ground Zero and is ready to destroy a stage near you.

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