Enemy Contact

Enemy Contact

Rough n’ raw, and everything in between, up and coming avant-garde Enemy Contact is on a savvy path to triumph! Being no stranger to frolicking with lethal elements, if there’s something that this prodigy can testify to, it’s spawning major tunes that outdo the norm!

Dutch born and bred Casper van Schie’s career foundations are embedded deep on the basis of passion, hard work, motivation and humbleness. Scantraxx Silver releases such as ‘’Escape’’, ‘’The Alliance’’, ‘’The Transformation’’ with Hardstyle Pianist and U.P. and ‘’Back To Shore’’ have gained tremendous support from fans and artists alike, thus ensuring a lasting impression on listeners.

Surpassing the calibre of artists within the same cohort, it comes as no surprise that Enemy Contact has respectively claimed support from industry heavyweights.

Grasping opportunities with open arms, throughout his career so far, this up and comer has claimed his place on line-ups for Dominator, Dreamfields, AIRFORCE Festival, Q-BASE, Decibel Outdoor, Radical Redemption’s Militant Mayhem, Emporium and Loudness. Armed and ready to take his vigorous spirit to even bigger arenas, you’d better keep your eye out for the biggest Enemy of them all!


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