Fully focussed on Hardcore since the ripe age of 18, all-round breakneck act Furyan is one of the most devoted and innovative artists in the scene.

His musical talent, skillful mixing and unique energetic interaction with the crowd resulted in Furyan falling onto the radar of fans and organizations, who granted him opportunities to perform on the biggest hardcore stages. Signed to the world-renowned Masters of Hardcore label, he’s hit it big with crowd-pleasing knockouts such as “HOAX’’ with Angerfist, “The Thousand Yard Stare’’, “Bass Journey’’ and the infamous “Kokeen’’.

Furyan is no stranger to charming crowds with his charismatic on-stage presence and shattering sets that tear every stage apart. His hard work and dedication have earned him spots that any Hardcore artist could only dream of, at events such as Dominator, Masters of Hardcore, Defqon.1, Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, Decibel, Emporium, Free Festival and many more.

The future of this gifted hardcore maestro is set to be an exciting one!

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