In an industry that is constantly looking for fresh blood, a refreshing spark of talent has risen and unveiled his craft to the world.

Drawn by the sheer energy of Hardcore music, Tim Jonkman, aka GridKiller is a self-taught act who’s been hard at work with his creations for many years. With a preference for dark and overwhelming atmospheres, you’ll regularly find him smiting away in his studio, creating the ultimate weaponry.

GridKiller burst onto the scene in 2019 with his debut on Neophyte Records. Since then, he’s made waves with outstanding releases like “Virtual Disaster” with Angerfist, “Meltdown”, “Dark Conclusions” with Nosferatu, “Sewer Boots” with Restrained, “Detonate”, “Danger Zone” and “The Curse” with Odium.

Proving himself with each and every banger he puts out, GridKiller has definitely made an impression on the hardcore scene and has gained support from heavyweights like Angerfist and Nosferatu. The highlights keep rolling in for this fresh face, who’s motivated as ever to make 2023 a year to remember.

More than ready to step on stage and showcase his productions to the world, GridKiller is set to move up the ranks at lightning speed!

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