Every extreme hardcore fan who’s not afraid to take a dip into the uptempo waters must have crossed paths with Trespassed and his music. Hits like ’Xaero’s Box’, ‘Terrified’, ‘Basement’ and many more are well known to the big crowd.

With nearly 10 years of producing experience, his notorious sound is influenced by a variety of harder styles genres such as Hardcore, Rawstyle, and Dubstep which accumulate in the high-end productions with unique kicks neither Uptempo artists nor fans cannot help but love. His goal has always been to make quality tracks while ever pushing the edge and he has no plan on stopping this.

As an artist, Sytse Hartman has conquered many stages with highlights such as Masters of Hardcore, Dominator, Decibel Outdoor, Defqon. 1, Harmony of Hardcore and Pandemonium. For the 2022 edition of Snakepit, Trespassed created the well-received ‘Vicious Vipers’ anthem and curated the compilation CD. He there also premiered his live act ‘Infra Red’, which has made its anticipated return to the 2023 edition.

The ever-talented and agile Trespassed has proved his force of reign in the higher BPMs before, and Most Wanted DJ is more than excited to welcome him to the agency and see what more this musical mastermind will accomplish in the future.

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