Furyan releases his album “Bass Journey: A Journey Through Memory”

Furyan releases his album “Bass Journey: A Journey Through Memory”

“You are going on a journey, a journey through memory, all you have to do is follow my voice”. Furyan proudly presents a project that’s been in the mix for quite some time: his second artist album “Bass Journey – A Journey Through Sound”.

The one CD album contains a diverse and exciting tracklist; no mainstream, no uptempo, no frenchcore… just a blend of everything. Breaking all the boundaries, musical daredevil Furyan knows no limits when it comes to giving you a good face-melting session!

Furyan’s ‘Bass Journey’ album will be released on October 8th on Masters of Hardcore as a hardcopy CD and digital album.


1.   Furyan – A Journey Through Memory

2.   Furyan – LOST

3.   Furyan – Bass Journey (original)

4.   Furyan – Say Hell Yeah!

5.   Furyan & Irradiate – Like A Drug

6.   Furyan – Kokeen

7.   Furyan – The Thousand Yard Stare

8.   Furyan – Bass Journey (Miss K8 remix)

9.   Furyan & Evil Activities – Rule The World

10. Furyan & Hyperverb – Change my pitch up!

11. Furyan – The Impossible

12. Furyan – PopcornTime

13. Furyan & LSD – Overdose Party

14. Furyan & Empyrical Noize & Vorwerk – Home

15. Furyan & LSD – FIYAH