Minus Militia release "The Code of Conduct"

Posted on 2019-11-01

The Militia is back! After raging through the scene with their previous albums "The Legion of Strength" and "Militant Mayhem", Hardstyle super-group Minus Militia have struck with their third album "The Code of Conduct", which is jam-packed with fifteen brand-new Minus Militia tunes, including plenty of never-heard-before material!

"The Code of Conduct" kicks off a new era for the Militia, as well as the beginning of their devastating new live-act, which will be premiered at Brotherhood of Brutality. The album itself contains the military-style title track, as well as "The Militia Is Back", "Oldschool Hooligans", "Honor The Code", as well as remixes for Crypsis' "Woofer", Radical Redemption & Nolz' "Kingpin" and Chain Reaction's "Feed The Flame".

The Code of Conduct is OUT NOW.